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Sigurður Jósúason

Visionary creative leader born and raised in Iceland.

A powerful and thoughtful leader who uses strategy and vision to motivate. Continuously evolving in my craft over two decades, working at all levels of design direction from advertising and brand design to service and product design for global brands based in Sweden. I’m an inspirational leader and communicator with family and team values.

Branding & Design

Strong Scandinavian design heritage after almost a decade at Forsman & Bodenfors final arts department working with some of the worlds best creative minds. Adaptive in designing, directing and delivering under pressure with strict corporate brand rules and guidelines.

Web & Mobile Development

I have directed design and strategic work on all user cycle touch points in different business areas with a multitude of clients. Lead development teams in product and service design for all digital and physical applications.

Applying design principles and human values to data-driven tech solutions. Understanding of how brand marketing affects user needs and supplying clients with prototype websites or digital solutions early in the design process.

UX Design

Expertise in design for future user experiences in all product creation cores including strategy, technology, data/analytics and media.

Creating user interfaces that come to life through animation is and will continue to be a driving force in digital experiences. Visual design is not necessarily seen, but also felt. Communicating through micro-interactions and storytelling is crucial in making digital services that connect to their users.”

Body of work 2005 - 2022

Curriculum Vitae

Creative Director, UI/UX Designer, Front-End Developer,
Animator, Photographer, Speaker, Coach, Quarterback
and Cyberdyne Systems T-1000 Model 101 living in Sweden.

Areas of expertise

Design Direction
Brand Design
UX Design
Digital Design
Service Design
Product Design
Animation / Motion Graphics

Josuason Studios 2022 Kickoff

Planet 11 / Iceland

Planet11 Iceland
Mountains Iceland Icelandverse
Iceland Jeep Rubicon
Mountains Iceland Icelandverse
Iceland Jeep Rubicon
Mountains Iceland Icelandverse
Mountains Iceland Icelandverse
Mountains Iceland Icelandverse
Jökull Iceland Icelandverse
Jökull Waterfall Iceland Icelandverse
Iceland Jeep Rubicon

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Vikings Reykjavik Iceland
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Reykjavik Iceland

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